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W: www.hendrix-genetics.com
T: +31 485 801 993
C: Pieter van As
E: Pieter.van.As@hendrix-genetics.com

Hendrix Genetics - Platinum Sponsor

A multi-species animal breeding, genetics and technology company. Hendrix Genetics is passionate about animal breeding. We have breeding programs in turkeys, layers, guinea fowl, swine, salmon and trout.

We look for innovative, sustainable solutions, together with the entire animal protein value chain. At the start of the chain, we have an influence on the outcome. For example, our responsible use of antibiotics program benefits producers and consumers. For us, better breeding today, means a brighter life tomorrow.

We aim to produce animals that thrive under all conditions. We strive to create value from breeding through to the consumer. Our programs are based on our breeding philosophies. Every Hendrix Genetics brand has its own breeding program. Each is tailored to their market.

Hendrix Genetics brands:
Layers: Babcock, Bovans, Dekalb, Hisex, ISA, Shaver
Turkeys: Hybrid Turkeys
Traditional poultry: Caringa, Sasso
Aquaculture: Landcatch, Troutlodge
Swine: Hypor

W: www.cobb-vantress.com

Cobb-Vantress - WCGALP Barbeque Sponsor

Cobb is a global company serving our customers through the use of innovative research and technology to make protein healthy and affordable worldwide.  We are engaged in the development, production, and sale of broiler breeding stock. We are committed to providing progress, and quality in our products. We maintain the highest level of ethical standards and integrity in our relationships with Team Members, customers, suppliers, and our communities.



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